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Some clothes are customizable. You will need to input an hex color code (without the #). There are several websites where you can check the color codes:

Example Colors

Some selected colors, that suit the game.

Name Hexcode Example
Feldgrau (WW1) 5D5D3D
Feldgrau (WW2) 4D5D53
Light Khaki F0E68C
Dark Khaki BDB76B
Olive Drab 555346
Red 7F0000
Green 007F00
Blue 00007F
Black 000000
Gold FFD700
Silver C0C0C0

Camo Uniforms

Camo uniforms take three diferent colors. Below are some combination examples, but you can choose your own.

Name Hexcodes Example
Woodland (Default) 58493D , 5B6142 , 2F323B

unknown.png |

Universal Camouflage Pattern (Greyish) DAD3C1 , A39976 , 746B5A

unknown.png |

Desert F2CB8A , CCA671 , 674C0E

unknown.png |


unknown.png |