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What is this?

Civilization 13 (formerly 1713) is a game based on Space Station 13 code and using the BYOND platform, which features several epochs of human history. (hence the name).

It features both Roleplay-oriented and Team-Deathmatch modes, with the main one being Civilizations, in which you need to bring your civilization from the Stone Age to the Modern Age.

If you would like to contribute, contact us so we can open a registation slot for you! We need to keep it closed due to spambots.

Official Server | Discord | Github | Русская версия \ Russian version

As of now we have 75 pages (19 articles)

Getting started


New Player Guide

Guide to Civilizations and Nomads mode

Guide to Races/Species

Guide to Medical

Guide to Carpentry

Guide to Cooking

Guide to Farming

Guide to Weapons

Guide to Ranching

Guide to Wiring

Guide to Communications

Guide to Religion

Guide to Paperwork

Guide to Hygiene and Mood

Guide to Radiation

Guide to Chemistry

Guide to Tanks

Custom Colors

Full Crafting List


Civilization Mode

Lead your Civilization from prehistory to the modern era!

RP: Civilizations and Nomads

313 B.C.

Ancient Greece and Romans. Phalanxes vs Legions.

TDM: Heraclea - Siege

1013 A.D.

Medieval Europe and the Crusades.

TDM: Camp - Karak - Sammirhayeed

1713 A.D.

Colonial America. Piracy and Colonization

TDM: Naval - Island - Robusta - Supply Raid - Recife

RP: Hunt - Colony

1803 A.D.

Napoleonic Wars and War of 1812

TDM: Alamo - Gettysburg

1873 A.D.

The Wild West and the American Civil War.

TDM: Little Creek TDM

RP:Little Creek RP - Pioneers

1903 A.D.

Victorian Era and the Russo-Japanese war.

TDM: Hill 203 - Ypress - Tsaritsyn

1943 A.D.

World War II. TDM: Omaha - Reichstag - Kursk - Nanjing - Khalkhyn gol

RP: Gulag

1969 A.D.

Cold War and and Proxy wars.

TDM: Compound - Road to Dak-to

2013 A.D.

War on Terror and Political conflict.

TDM: Arab Town - Hostages

Media and other things

Games (similar games and inspirations) | Русская версия \ Russian version

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