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Server Rules:

General Etiquette:

  • This server follows a Heavy-Roleplay etiquete and you will be required to stay immersed and not to break other player’s immersion.
  • Speak proper lingo for the current epoch of your team/the server (Don’t be using net speak in any era other than modern, no caveman or gladiator ran around saying LOL.)
  • It is against the rules to speak about Out-Of-Character topics Inside-Character and viceversa on purpose.
  • Do not abuse mentorhelp/adminhelp, use mentorhelp for questions regarding gameplay and adminhelp for questions regarding bugs/rules. If there are no admins online, request a mentor ping admins in the Discord server, or do it yourself.
  • Once a round ends (The restart/epoch vote goes through), you may go around killing and griefing as you please.
  • You must not be toxic or too agitated in OOC or Dead-chat. Mood is an inherently human thing but do preserve some face and etiquette.
  • Never commit suicide without having a valid reason, ahelp about it first.
  • When In-Character, only use english language. English is the language most of people speak, and speaking other language In-Character is an impairment to character gameplay unless it serves a roleplay purpose, like russian when speaking russian-language In-Character.
  • Ban evading is strictly prohibited.
  • When able to be applied, discord rules also are carried into the game, such as keeping things to the right channels, no spam, etc.
  • You are required to play a character with flaws/fears, some mandatory, biologically-motivated fears are; death, the uncanny, sudden movement, pain, isolation, suffocation, falling, incapacitation or disease. You are to say how your character will answer to each fear but dismissing most of them is unrealistic and against the rules.
  • Every user must have common sense to identify and apply the rules to their behaviour correctly so as to avoid breaking the rules and to discern wrong-doers from players who follow the rules.

Prohibited Behaviors:

  • Erotic Roleplay (also known as ERP, it’s gross).
  • Griefing (Destroying, hurting, stealing, etc. without escalation/valid purpose.)
  • Metagaming (Using external chats/knowledge to aid yourself in-game.)
  • Exploiting Glitches (EX: Using a duplication glitch instead of reporting it. Clipping through walls, etc.)
  • Hacking (You really shouldn’t waste time trying to hack a really bad game engine.)
  • Obscene Names (Pick something RP friendly, and avoid copying other players names too.)
  • Spamming any form of chat (This includes OOC and LOOC)
  • Adminhelping/Mentorhelping sentence fragments. (Explain your situation throughoully, not just “Help”)
  • Being “Toxic” (You have a right to be angry, just don’t take it out on others.)
  • Bypassing language barriers (Such as using LOOC, or typing on paper. You should use emote verbs and you can do “drawings” on paper (EX: writing *A drawing of two stick figures crossing spears*))

Civilization/RP Server:

Additional Rules:

  • Never interact with SSD (Disconnected) players. Upon examining their character it will be shown in the chat “He/She is fast asleep.” in blue text. If an SSD player is in danger ahelp immediately.
  • You can steal from anyone, anywhere, but being caught stealing makes you able to be killed.
  • You may not name yourself after real figures, or name your faction after a real faction (Can’t name yourself hitler, and you may not name your faction something like “The 3rd Reich”, be original. Mis-spelled and tongue-in-cheek names also counts, such as “Ayedulf Hutler”.)
  • Actions in game are to be validated by a logic reason, for example; A war/conflict must be legitimized by the attackers either lacking enough of “X”/desiring more of “X” due to religious, economic or personal (the ones your character developped through no necessary control of your own.) reasons. Another example is the mandatory improvement to one’s character/family/home/neighbourhood/faction (in that order (unless there is a reason which comes from an IC action/event, not yours.) which we are driven to when we are prosperous.
  • Death and Injuries should be treated seriously (If you are diced up, surrender and don’t act like some macho-super-warrior (unless it fits you icly). You shouldn’t treat death as something to shrug off.)
  • Do not immediately go for execution as a punishment, have a jail or court system of some sort, instead of just straight up killing prisoners and criminals.
  • You are required to play a character with flaws/fears, some mandatory and biologically-motivated fears are; death, the uncanny, sudden movement, pain, isolation, suffocation, falling, incapacitation or disease. You are to say how your character will answer to each fear but dismissing most of them is unrealistic and against the rules.
  • IN CASE OF PERSISTENCE: You're not allowed to break into or loot faction bases when more than half of its members are offline and/or unable to defend their base. You should only try doing so if the majority of its members are on or there's an active war on-going.


Because server is MRP/HRP, this means you must “escalate” conflicts.
Escalation is the act of using RP to build up tensions.
Usable of emote verbs and the “me” verb are strongly encouraged for escalating when you cannot communicate verbally.
For example, if you want to rob someone, escalation should look something like this:

Good Escalation:

Person 1: “You there! I like your backpack! You should hand it over!”

Person 2: “What? No! This is my backpack, go get your own!"

Person 1: “I said give me that backpack! Do it or else you’re going to get hurt!”

Person 1 draws out a weapon!

Person 2: “Was that a threat? I will never yield to you!”

Person 2 draws out a weapon!

Person 1: “So be it! That backpack is mine!”

Combat Begins

Bad Escalation:

Person 1: “Give me your backpack!”

Person 2: “No!”

Combat Begins

If someone is ignoring your attempts to escalate, or makes it so you can’t talk to them to escalate (For example, they walk away mid-conversation and keep walking when you try talking.) then they may be attacked.


Wars are very special things, and should not be handled lightly.
Wars should be escalation on a large scale, one small skirmish with a few people between two factions is not a valid reason to declare war.
Only a member of the faction with a leading role may declare war.
A faction when wanting to start a war needs to have a large reason to. When in any doubt, the faction leader should contact an admin beforehand.
Wars should always have advance warning for the defending side like any escalation, and all wars must have a chance for the other side to back down (EX: “We want your oil wells! Allow us to take this town and leave, or else you must die!”)

Non-Nomads Maps:

On non-nomads maps, you must play the role you join as (For example, if you join as a blacksmith, you open up a shop.)
When there are multiple teams, this does not mean you are enemies, however some maps do have two rival factions, which is generally stated. (EX: Colonists do not attack natives randomly.)
When teams do have a dispute, people with combat roles should be fighting, not civilians or shopkeepers.

TDM Server:

Additional Rules:

  • No teamkilling (If someone is disobeying a higher-ups orders, they may be executed by the officer or arrested).
  • Wearing an enemy uniform is allowed, but you can be teamkilled for it.
  • You may commit warcrimes (Killing medics or people who have surrendered, however if someone is trying to capture a surrendered individual, or do some RP with a medic/prisoner, don’t attack them.)
  • No stealing from your teammates (Don’t take your friends boots, or break into your commanders office just to get something.)
  • Don’t waste your teams resources, or do things to inconvenience them purposefully (This is
  • counted as griefing).
  • Even though there's less “RP” in TDM, stick to character (Running around naked is not something a soldier would do.)
  • Spawncamping is prohibited, unless the map has the goal to capture the enemy HQ where the enemy spawn.

Discord Rules:

  • Keep topics to their appropriate channels as much as possible.
  • Do not spam.
  • Do not ping people needlessly.
  • Advertising will get you banned, unless the current topic of conversation is about that server.

The following content is not allowed to be posted:

  • Gore
  • Pornography
  • Illicit links and files.
  • Excessive Violence

What staff say is law, so if they ask you to stop, stop.