Guide to Wiring

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Guide to Wiring

So you're the unlucky guy trying to wire eh? Don't worry, i'll get you through this kid. Lets start with the basics. Picture of basic power setup (iron furnace and steam generator) unknown.png


  1. The first thing you need to know is how to craft some of the things you're going to be using. Wires (or cables) can be crafted with copper ingots in the electrical tab. To craft Engine's (such as the commonly used Hotbulb engine which runs off of any liquid fuel), you must have an engine maker in hand (made from 5 iron, not in a category), and steel in the other. With the engine maker in your active hand, press Z. This opens a window allowing you to select how many cc the engine will have. More cc = more electricity (1000 is about the most you need). This will then subtract the amount directly from the steel in your other hand.
  2. Second, placing and cutting wires. You can place cables by pressing Z with the cable coil in your active hand. This will place the cable directly beneath you heading in the direction you are facing. Wires that are visibly connected (say 2 horizontal cables side by side horizontally) will be automatically connected. However those that are facing different directions (such as vertically and horizontally) on the same tile will not be connected unless you place a connector over them.
  3. Third, Creating Circuits. With Creating full circuits, it's highly recommended YOU DO ALL THE WIRING AT ONCE. This means you don't wire, turn it on, turn it off, add a few lights. This sometimes breaks things. Instead its best to wire your entire circuit before you start it. This can help prevent issues later when the engine has a connecting cable that you removed, but it says is still there. It is possible to add lights to a circuit without it breaking, but its recommended only experienced electrical technicians attempt it.


In case you're a lazy turd that simply didn't want to know how to wire and just do it trial and error, or already know how to wire but not craft the necessities (How can you wire then?!).

  • Engines: Engine maker in one hand, steel in the other. With engine maker in active hand, press Z. Then specify cc (which subtracts from steel stack in hand).
  • Engine Maker: Press Z with iron ingots in hand. 5 iron ingots required.
  • Cables/Wires: Press Z with copper ingots in hand. In the "electrical" category, theres different colors of cables/wires. Each takes 1 ingot and gives 10 tiles/lengths of wire/cable.
  • Connectors: Press Z with copper ingots in hand. In the "electrical" category, at the top of the list should be cable connector. This takes 1 ingot and produces 1 connector.

it's 1903 eh? you got gas, a refinery, even gas pumps, but no vehicles. Well you're in luck, this here guy'll teach you all the inner workings of creating a motorcycle of your very own. Just follow these steps, oh and uh, it'll require a bit of steel.

  1. Build a Motorcycle frame from steel in the "vehicle parts" category. Then Choose the HEX color of the bike. #5C573D is recommended (# not required)
  2. Next you need to build an engine. The 4 stroke gasoline engine is recommended since it's gasoline operated. Make an engine thats AT MOST 125cc. Means 125cc or lower can be put into a bike, otherwise it wont fit.
  3. Now we need to slap whatever engine you made into that sweet sweet frame of the bike. Simply drag the icon onto the bike's icon (not drag ICly, drag your mouse).
  4. All that's left then to add is a fuel tank. You can build one with steel in the "fuel tanks" category. You've got 3 choices. 75u bike tank is the biggest. (Only build bike tanks, fuel tanks won't fit). Then with the bike tank in hand, click on the bike and install that baby.
  5. Now you've successfully made a motorcycle. What you named it? No one cares. Who you made it for? No one cares, they'll likely steal it anyway. However, you're the man with the fuel! (hopefully)

Motorcycle Operation

Bikes have 4 speeds (depending on the engine). Stopped (neutral), 1st gear (moving but slower), and 2nd gear (moving faster than 1st), and 3rd gear (fastest. You crash on this speed you're sure to break something, or get across the map in a minute or less) Mount your bike by dragging your icon onto the bike. You can get off by click on the bike with the handle bars in hand (this also shuts off the bike. 2 clicks, shut off the bike, and another to get off).You turn on/increase speed of the bike by pressing Z. You can stop/decrease speed by pressing C. Drive safe out there!