Guide to Cooking

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Why cook?

Cooking is useful for making meat and water safe to consume, as well as increasing the nutrition value of every other non-meat food, like vegetables and wheat-derived products.

Furthermore, more complex recipes are also even more nutritious, and also present interesting RP options, such as being vegetarian, perhaps pork-free, etcetera.

Campfire/Oven/Wood Stove

Campfires and ovens can be used to roast food and prepare advanced recipes, as well as boiling water for safe consumption, and burning down any item into a Burned Mess.

  • Make a campfire with wood, an oven with iron, or a wood stove with steel. A campfire can cook two items at a time, whereas an oven can cook three at a time, and the best being the wood stove which can cook five items at a time which is the best way to save fuel.
  • Put some fuel inside, if needed (wood or coal).
  • Place food (or container filled with water to boil).
  • Wait for it to finish cooking/boiling.
  • Eat!

Cooking Pot

You can make a cooking pot to make a stew. The advantage of this method is that you can get rid of thirstiness and hunger at the same time, so long as you don't cook with salty water or dried meat, as those will contain salt, and dehydrate you. Another benefit is the fact that cooking pot will never go stale or decompose, allowing you to store food indefinitely! NOTE: Filled wooden bowls will become stale and decomposed if not eaten.


You can keep food fresh and safe to eat by putting them in a fridge. The fridge needs to be powered to keep the food inside it safe to eat


All great dishes require ingredients! Here you will find the ingredients needed to make your fantastic dishes, uma delicia!

Ingredient Image Steps
Make flour by grinding wheat with the small mill, them, activate a bag of flour with it in the active hand, and with a container with water in the off hand
Use a rolling pin on dough and roast the flat dough
Get a chicken or turkey to lay an egg
Collect milk in a container and add one piece of yeast.
Add some flour to the slab of meat.
Meat Cutlets Cut a meat slab (or fish meat) with a knife.
Grown Foods
Corn,Cabbages,tomatoes, potatoes can all be roasted on a campfire or stove to be more filling.

Food recipes

There are many different recipes to be made that can perfect your culinary art!

Dish Recipe Steps
Roast a ball of dough in a campfire or oven.
Bread slice
Slice flat dough with a knife and roast it.
Cut potatoes with a knife to get raw potatoes and roast the raw potatoes to get fries.
Dried cutlets
Simply take your raw meat cutlets and click on a dehydrator to dry them. In time they'll come off as dry cutlets. (NOTE: Dried cutlets cannot spoil, but will attract pests if left in the open.)
Pour a bucket of water into a cooking pot and add any ingredient (EXCEPT SALTY INGREDIENTS) to the pot to make stew. The more ingredients the better!

Drink recipes


  • Can be drunk directly from the leaves, placed in a container, or dissolved into water.


  • Use a bucket or pot on a cow, goat, or sheep.

Olive Oil

  • Add olives to a container.
  • Can also be used as lamp or engine fuel.

Grape Juice

  • Add grapes to a container.


  • Add one piece of yeast to a container with grape juice.

Palm wine

  • Make a tribal pot out of glass
  • Take a knife and a tribal pot in your hands
  • Cut a palm tree with a knife
  • Wait for the palm sap to ferment


  • Get a barrel and fill it with 100u of water 1u of yeast and 100 of flour.